Self Fashion Ltd is a fastest growing company in Bangladesh, engaged in fashion apparel manufacturing. Since its establishment, its cooperation is fully extended to famous fashion brands of Europe to produce and supply high-quality apparel products for all ages.

Self Fashion Ltd has launched its beginning recently, but its management personnel is significantly experienced for 15 years in high-quality apparel manufacturing based on the expectation of the world market. It has skilled manpower in all sections run by a successful entrepreneur, aiming to achieve the highest reputation in the global fashion market by fulfilling its client’s maximum satisfaction.

The company specializes in cost-effective production, quality assurance, and timely delivery. We have our own production unit; so we have the extreme command to maintaining our client’s requirements. In terms of good reputation, Self Fashion Ltd has become a recognized company in the ready-made garment industry.

Our efficient management is dedicated to putting the “customer first”, and thus maintaining long-term business relations. Most of our customers are with us since we started.

Our Speciality

Self Fashion Ltd is an established leader in its market in terms of professionalism, service excellence, competitiveness, and innovation. Our team consists of the most skilled personnel in each field involved – management, merchandising, design, production operation, quality control,  export, and logistics, etc.

     Our competitive advantage lies in our commitment to our values of –

·         Friendly and helpful services for the sake of customer satisfaction.

·         Fast communication with transparency at all stages of each consignment.

·         Flexible manufacturing and production options with open communication.

·         Excellent quality through a comprehensive quality management system.

·         Fast and reliable delivery based on customer’s expectations.

·         Frequent product innovation for effective business solutions.

Our Clients

We treasure our clients as the most valuable assets of our company. We are fully aware of the realities and understand our client’s needs from their point of view. Our sole aim is to timely deliver the best products at competitive rates and in the best quality. Our high level of commitment towards customers’ satisfaction has made us a reliable partner in the fashion garment industry. We strive to maintain this position by way of continuous innovation for more effective business solution. 
 Our clients are from –        

* Germany                *  France
        * Finland                   *  United Kingdom
        * Spain                     *  France

  >>> And being expanded more…

  We believe in long-term business relations. Many of our customers have been with us since we started.

Core Advantages

The seamless enthusiasm towards industry development, highly skilled professionals, and price competitiveness earned Bangladesh a favorable place for apparel manufacturing to the global buyers. There are hundreds of fully developed textile industries and auxiliary industries in the country. Thus we have a definite edge in our smooth liaison and in our networking with piece-goods suppliers. This makes us a complete “fiber to fashion” production center.

·       Dedicated and professional management with a decade of experience in this field.

·       Highly skilled team of energetic professionals of the country.

·       Ability of cost-effective production.

·       Established network of suppliers all over the country for first quality materials.

·       In-house expertise for pattern making and initial sample development.

·       High fashion garments with value addition – a variety of prints, embroidery, wash, etc.

Healthy Workplace

We are well aware of our corporate social responsibility initiatives, focused mainly on labor relations, community involvement, and environmental practices. We are committed to fulfilling the local legislation and global standards of social compliance. We exercise ILO’s laws and due respect for human and labor rights. To ensure the workplace environment we strictly practice safe, healthy, and hygienic provisions. Our code of conduct is applied to all factories involved in the production of our products.-

     * Decent pay to all employees.

     * Minimum working hours set out by the local legislation.

     * Good workplace condition with all adequate facilities.

     * Free work time medical assistance and medicine.

     * Maternity leaves to all female employees.